Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

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One thing that we really like about Bangkok is that we often get surprised by what this city has up its sleeve, for example a Graveyard for discarded Airplanes that is located right on the rather busy Ramkamhaeng Road. You … Continued

Bangkok’s Dog Cafes

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Cat Cafes are old news! There is one at every other community mall in Bangkok nowadays and the amount of pity that one can feel for the fancy overbred beasts that are getting harassed by people with their cellphones to … Continued

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

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The Rattanakosin Exhibition Halls houses a permanent exhibition about the history of Bangkok, it’s culture, architecture, about the life in the city. The concept of the exhibition reminds of the Museum of Siam and indeed there is a shuttle bus … Continued

Bangkok’s Cat Cafes

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Recently a cat craze seems to be gripping Bangkok as a number of Cafes opening up where you can enjoy drinks and food in the company of some furry felines. This drew our attention and so we visited some of … Continued

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