Tiew Hur (Boat Noodles)

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tiewhur1_big Ever so often we find a gem of an Eatery completely by accident. Just recently, when we have been walking around in the very nice neighborhood of Ari, actually looking for a coffee and brunch, we saw a small house with an inconspicuous restaurant called Tiew Hur in it.

Now that’s a wordplay referring to “diaw hur” which means “watch out!” and tiew which is shortened for Noodle soup, as in guay titiewhur2_bigew. It turns out that this place is specialized in Boat Noodles (guay tiew reua) a dish that we like a lot.


Now, let me explain about this rather special Noodle dish for the ones unfamiliar with it:

Boat Noodles are a tasty and hearty soup with an intense brown broth, usually with beef balls, slices of beef and plenty of noodles and sometimes served with additions like offal and morning glory. The flavors bring out the classic Thai balance of spicy, sour, sweet, and salty. boat_noodle2_bigThe color and the taste comes mainly because blood is added into the soup. That’s might sound a bit exotic for some but let me confirm… it is delicious.

noodles1_bigThe soup offered at Tiew Hur has a very thick and almost creamy consistency and tastes intense and really good. The balance of the flavors is great and you can order it either with pork or with beef. Also, and this is something I haven’t seen before is, that you can order the Boat Noodles without the soup which of course, we did as we are always eager to try something new. It turned out to be delicious. There was no need to spice it up or add any condiment whatsoever. It is spicy and sour and the pork was very tender… just writing about it now makes me want to eat another bowl!!

ice_tea1_bigSo our recommendation is to drop by at this little restaurant whenever your in Ari and have a craving for some authentic Thai food or to travel through the whole city for what seems to be the best Boat Noodles in Bangkok!

More information is available on the Facebook Page of Tiew Hur.

See you there!


Tiew Hur
9 Soi Phaholyothin 7, Phaholyothin Road, Phaya Thai, 10400 BKK
open daily from 10:30 – 16:00
phone: +66 02-278-3411, price approx 50 up (pp)
Location: 13.785505,100.545276


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