Chatuchak Green – the JJ Nightmarket

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Chatuchak Green is a lifestyle mall, right behind the actual weekend market, that opens every day and which seems nothing more than a few shops with quite a big parking space onjj_green4_big the side. In the evenings on the weekend though this area transforms into a buzzing night market, with shops, stalls and people just spreading blankets wherever there is some free space.


There doesn’t seem to be a theme to this market as it combines the atmosphere and the stuff that is typically sold at flea markets with many youngsters selling second hand clothes or shoes as well as actual shops and stalls selling antiques and memorabilia and the usual nick-knacks.

There is chance however that amidst the stalls selling toys, hipster sunglasses and second hand t-shorts you stumble across something jj_green7_bigmore unusual or collectives which makes this market quite exciting as well. Not only in this regards does the Chatuchak Green night market remind us of the old Talad Rod Fai, before it had to move to Srinakarin Road.


From the shops and the area where a food court and some bars and restaurants are located the area and stalls spreads over to the parking lot where makeshift shops sell their goods out of cars and buses and small beer bars are popping up in between the actual market stalls.


To come to Chatuchak Green is very much like visiting Talad Rod Fai in yet another aspect: it can turn as much into a night out with food, fun and drinks as it is a shoppingjj_green9_big experience. There are nice and inviting pubs and restaurants everywhere catering to every taste, from the quiet, cute and small beer bars to alternative gatherings of artists, hipsters and musicians to the beer gardens with 70ies decoration and live music.


We do hope that this night market is allowed to spread and thrive and will be here to stay. Now, if you like Flea Night Markets, and honestly: who doesn’t, then you should visit the Chatuchak Green soon and anticipate to stay up until the late hours!







Chatuchak Green – the JJ Nightmarket

Kamphaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak, 10900 BKK
opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 19:00 – 01:00
Location: 13.804590,100.551789


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