Kay’s Boutique Breakfast

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kay1So we visited this little Cafe after seeing some great reviews online and found the white and shiny space close to Victory monument without problems. The place looks impeccable and clean and rather full of itself with big photos of their own coffee cups hanging on the wall. There is a island in the middle of the room that serves as kitchen, bar and brew station with a few tables arranged around it and some at the far end where windows in the ceiling generate a nice and bright space.

The menu is promising and you can see some of the highlights on a tablet that is brought to the table by the helpful and nice staff. We ordered the Queen Egg Bennie which is poached eggs with salmon, truffled hollandaise sauce with potato pancakes on the side. This looked great on the picture on the tablet as well as on qyeen benedictthe plate when it got served, but was a disappointment in all other areas. Hiding beneath the eggs were heaps of onions, presumably caramelized as they were pretty sweet and this was the ingredient which delivered the most taste. The hollandaise was hardly recognizable.

sandwich1The Second dish we ordered was the Kays-and-wich, a sandwich with brie, candid bacon and ham in a brioche and again… lots of sweet onions. The best about both dishes was the potato pancakes.

The coffee was also not that great, too hot and the latte tasted of burned milk. And while I am at it, I don’t understand that a hot Americano is served in a cup to go, and iced Latte in plastic cups. This is actually not a specific critique about Kay’s because I saw this practice now in many Cafes in Bangkok but I was made aware at this visit. It produces lots of plastic trash which could be easily avoided.

coffee1While at Kay’s we could watch young people gather around their food and taking pictures of it with cameras and cellphones. They seemed to enjoy that more than actually eating it, which we can understand in the case of the food served at Kay’s. So sadly this place is quite pretentious and would do good to focus less on the looks of the food and more on the taste.

Kay’s Boutique Breakfast
116/55-57 Rangnam Road, Phayathai, Ratchatewi, 10400 BKK
phone: 089 816 8566,
opening hours Monday from 6:30 – 12:00 & Tuesday – Sunday from 6:30 – 16:00
more info available on the Facebook Page or Homepage of Kay’s

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