Saffron, Just Bakery

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saffron1So recently I was walking along Phra Athit road after a pleasant dinner at Wing N’ Thing, trying to think of a place in the area for desserts. This is when I passed Saffron and I saw the cakes displayed inside. Funnily this Restaurant/Cafe never catched my attention before and so me and company entered curiously to find a generous array of cakes that looked very delicious and pleasant.



The Cafe itself looks quite dated and has a quirky charm and somewhat reminded me of the home of my grandmother, with fake flowers, cheap wooden panels covering the wall and plastic covers over the colorful tablecloth. I reckon that doesn’t sound very inevitable but it actually is. The limited space is not crowded as one side of the room is mirrored which gives the small room the air of space and the rest s just homely really. Just not a modern home but one where the Golden Girls would feel right at home.


saffron3And another thing the Golden Girls would have loved are the cakes because they’re rich, creamy and tasty and definitely homemade. We tried but a few and from those the Bannoffee was very tasty and the delicious chocolate fudge cake.  There are much more to chose from and many are unusual creations or rarities that you won’t find easily in other Cafes in Bangkok, like an Hungarian Walnut Cake or a Prune Cake.

While we were sitting there in delight some other guests arrived, all of which were Thais and who started to order main courses so the restaurant does seem to have decent local food as well. However we will definitely be back mainly for more cakes, sweets and pies!


chocolate cakeSaffron (Just Bakery)
86 Phra Athit Rd, Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, 10200 BKK
open daily from 8:00-21:00
Phone: 02-281-4228
Pirce of a cake is 100 THB up (and they’re worth it!)
Location: 13.762338,100.4919223

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