French Toast in Bangkok

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Now to something really important…. namey the question where to get Bangkoks best French Toast (including some places where you should try something else instead)?!
Here is our selection:

french toastToby’s
Pretty much at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 38  is this cute little restaurant, a beautiful homely spot where delicious brunch and breakfast is served.
However the star of the menu is the French Toast. It is crunchy on the outside but soft and tender within, with a bit of syrup a variety of nuts and berries which accompany the toast perfectly, for the raspberries counterbalance the sweetness of the syrup with some sour notes beautifully. The texture, the taste and the looks… this one has it all!
More info about Toby’s is avaialbe here!


french toast1TRIPLE The Coffee House

Bright, beautiful and friendly is this Cafe that is tucked away in Sukhumvit Soi 59. The menu is here is rather limited but that is fine as long as the one item that does lure us back stays on it… the French Toast!
This version is somewhat deconstructed with the various ingredients served separately and for you to mix, which in this case  works as an advantage. The french toast is served with crumble, fruits and a passionfruit sauce on the side. The toast itself is slightly crispy on the outside but tender and soft inside and the mix with roasted crumble, nuts and fresh fruits (straw- and blueberries) with the sour and sweet passionfruit sauce is very delicious! We ended up pouring the sauce over the toast and sprinkle that with the crumble and voilà: there we had one serious contender for the most tasty french toast in Bangkok!
More info about Triple is avaialbe here!



french toast _ltcLondon Tea Cafe
The menu of this favorite of ours (need I say anything else but Kimchi Rameyon?) has two French Toasts on the menu, which is slightly confusing because at my first attempt to try French Toast here I saw only one, a Chocolate Choc French Toast with Nutella. What I received instead was decidedly pale (for a chocolate french toasdt) and had bacon on the side and turned out to be a French Toast with cream cheese, cranberries and the aforementioned bacon. Luckily it was delicious!
The cream cheese merges perfectly with the toast and turns it into a fluffy delight. The cranberries add some tartness and while I was rather sceptical about the bacon in the beginning, it actually worked well with the other incredients and proved once more that bacon makes everything better! Sometime later I tried the chocolate version and was disappointed as it tasted rather bland and lacked the imagination that you can find with other dishes served at this cafe. More info about LTC is avaialbe here!


Shiubya Toast


After You Dessert Cafe
Talking about toast this Cafe also comes to mind. What After You serves is a Shibuya Toast, the japanese version of a French Toast where the actua toast loos more like a brick than a slice of bread. Our favorite variety is the one with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries. All of these comes together as a delicious sweet feast that is enough for a group of four!
Other versions include a simple honey toast, but also Nutella, Matcha, cheddar chesse or chocolate with banana.
More info about After You is avaialbe here!



french toast_chuChu
Chu recently opened a branch in Satorn and I like to drop by there from time to time and sip a hot chocolate. At one point I found a selection of French Toasts on the menu and naturally I had to try one of them right away. Remembering my experience at the London Tea Cafe I chose the cream cheese version over the cocolate one and was served a beautiul creation with straw- and blueberries on top and with a berry coulis dripped photogenic over it all. Sadly the taste could not live up to the looks as it was boring and underwhelming. You take a bite and wait for something to happen, chew a bit and then realize that that’s that.
More info about Chu is avaialbe here!



BREKKIEfrench toast _brekkie
Now this was just purely sad. The plate that is served is somewhat colorful and very fruity but honeslty, if I want to have a fruit salad I would order one.
The toast itself was somewhat chewy while drenched in syrup and then covered in an array of fruits. In the end this dish does neither work as French Toast nor as fruit salad so as a guest here you should stick to one of their delicious breakfast oprions….
More info about Brekkie is avaialbe here!







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