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Anyone looking for furniture that has a bit more character than an ikea or index sofa should check out this warehouse with its labyrinthian gangways that are spreading over three levels and around 5000 sqm. In the dusty and stuffy rooms you can find anything really that’s somehow related to decoration and furnishing.

papaya10 papaya11Because Papaya is more than a regular shop that is specialized in memorabilia of a bygone era, its more accurate to call it a warehouse filled with wondrous and fabulous staff from the 50ies onwards.
Furniture, mostly of the 70ies, piles up in every corner and along any of the narrow walkways. Stacks of chairs and tables, a great storage of sofas or beds alongside decorative items like lamps, chandeliers and watches, dusty pictures, drawings and carpets…
…and there is still more!
Man sized action figures standing next to antique telephones, TVs and radios. There is a collection of old Lps and old display dummies. To explore the house feels more like walking through a museum as some areas are neatly designed in special styles.

TV producer and photographer with a need of a certain vintage style to their productions come here as the items on display are for rent. Or they use the studio on the uppermost floor of the warehouse where the items that are on display can be and used as decoration for the shoots.
The Soi off Lad Prao is not inviting but be bold and go ahead and you will enter the Papaya house of wonder! It is fairly close to the MRT station Lad Prao and if you are around its well worth it to check out the area. You can take one of the buses down on Lad Prao to the Mall Bangkaphi where a big market is right next to the shopping Mall and from there you can get back to the city center on of the the Canal ferries.

306/1 Lad Prao Soi 55/2
open daily, 10:00 – 20:00
Tel: +66 (0)2 933 0661
Location: 13.794284,100.597234

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