ISBN: 978-616-91984-0-6
E-book (pdf)
publication date: May 2015
prize: 299 Baht

The follow up the the Famulous Eateries, published as an e-book that runs oncellphones, tablets or computers. It features 57 Eateries in Bangkok, a combination of the best of the Famulous Eateries in Central Bangkok with additional and new places. It is the perfect guide to explore Bangkoks best Eateries easily and without the need to carry around extra weight. It features street food, food stalls, restaurants, markets and more…
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SBN: 978-616-90691-0-2
Size: 9,6 x 5,9 x 2,5 cm
publication date: Nov. 2011
prize: 345 Baht

A food guide for Bangkok that features 52 Eateries, street food, restaurants, dessert places and markets in greater Bangkok that are famous amongst the locals. This guide is not a simple book but a set of cards in a practical size box that fits in every pocket. On each card is all the information needed to enjoyThai food at its best
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