ISBN: 978-616-90691-0-2
Size: 9,6 x 5,9 x 2,5 cm
publication date: Nov. 2011
price: 299 Baht

The FAMULOUS EATERIES – Bangkok is a guide for anyone who would like to explore Restaurants, Food Stalls, Streetfood, Markets and Eateries that are famous amongst the Locals. People who want to know where the Bangkokians go to enjoy their world famous cuisine: the Tom Yums and Pad Thais, Seafood, Dim Sums or the dishes from the northeastern regions, the hot and steamy soups or the sticky sweet desserts.We found and tried them all and out of those famous eateries we choose the 52 places which we thought to be the most fabulous! Get away from the touristy paths and join the Locals!This guide is not a simple book but a set of cards in a practical size that fits in every pocket. On each card is all the information needed to enjoy Thai food at its best. That includes a description, a map, names and address in English and Thai, as well as informations about the price range, the facilities and how difficult the eatery is to find and handle. If you are interested to give the FAMULOUS EATERIES a try then you can download the sample cards as either as jpg or as pdf.


  • ISBN: 978-616-90691-0-2
  • Size: 9,6 x 5,9 x 2,5 cm
  • publication date: Nov. 2011
  • price: 299 Baht
  • 52 Eateries in central Bangkok and the suburbs
  • a Map for ever Eatery
  • public transport options
  • Names and addresses in English and Thai
  • information about facilities at the Eateries
  • QR Code that contains a link that leads to a page for every Eatery with descriptions in German and Japanese and more photos
  • the box also contains a small brochure with an introduction,
    an index and a legend



Finding this new concept was a delight. Firstly a lot of the places I had never heard of, and i’ve since found to be genuine gems! Secondly, I love the format, a small card for each eatery with simple snappy writing and some of the basic info i need …
review on Amazon

Yummier than any deck of cards you’ve ever owned, Famulous Eateries covers 52 Bangkok restaurants, both streetside and airconditioned, that are a little off the beaten path. The deck covers well-documented classics like Mon Nom Sod (on Dinso Rd.) and Roti Mataba (Phra Athit Rd.) as well as better-kept secrets like Raja Miang Pla (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24) and Tiparos (Krungthep-Nonthaburi Rd.) And not only can you conveniently carry the card or cards of the restaurants you mean to hunt down, the back of each card has a handy map (with the address in Thai for visitors) and even a QR code that can take you to further information and translations.
BK Magazine

If, like most expats in Bangkok, your forays into the world of street food usually see you making repeat visits to the same food vendor whose grub you know you like, but you wish you had the guts to try something new, then you’ll love the Famulous Eateries – Bangkok. This recently published guide is aimed at anyone who would like to explore restaurants, food stalls, street food, markets and eateries that are famous with locals. Unlike conventional guides, it’s a pocket sized deck of 52 cards (not playing ones, though), each featuring a different venue. Each card has details about the food offered, a small map, address in English and Thai, and even a smartphone barcode which links to a website with further info.

We’ve had great fun simply selecting cards at random and heading off into the areas expats and tourists rarely venture to – and on each of our visits the food/s been well worth the effort. Just expect a few funny looks from locals who are amazed that a farang has stumbled across their favorite venue.
Big Chili


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