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ISBN: 978-616-91984-0-6
E-book available as pdf (file size 1.9MB) or as epub (7,3MB), 83 pages
publication date: May 2015
price: 249 Baht (approx. 8.4 USD)
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This is the follow up of the Famulous Eateries, a guide book published as hard cover in November 2011. It is published as e-book for cellphones, tablets or computer and features 57 Eateries in central Bangkok, presenting Restaurants, Food Stalls, Streetfood, Markets and Eateries that are famous amongst the locals with fabulous tasting food!

In the FAMULOUS EATERIES II we focus more on areas in central Bangkok that are easily accessible. The guide features 26 places that are also in the Famulous Eateries – Bangkok, which are the cream of the crop but also features 27 new Eateries. Not only are these eateries spread throughtout Bangkoks central districts (with some noteable exceptions) but there is also at least one place that serves one of the signature dishes of Thai cuisine.

The guide has a menu that is linked with the content, which makes the 83 pages easy to use and navigate. 16 area maps introduce Bangkoks districts and most promonet areas with a short history and suggestion of things to explore and do. We also made a short overview and explanation about the most important Thai dishes, which makes this guide also usable for people who are not familiar with this exciting cuisine. Aside from traditional and typical Thai food we also introduce some international food with japanese, chinese and international Eateries, all affordable and outstanding. There are also a variety of vegetarian and vegan places that we included.

abc of Thai Food_thai food 1FACTs:

  • 57 Eateries mostly in the central districts
  • 16 Area maps with background info
  • Names and addresses in English and Thai
  • Index of Thai dishes with background information
  • interlinked menu and content
  • usable on your cellphone and tablet
  • links to maps for every place (needs a internet connection)


The price for the FAMULOUS EATERIES II – Bangkok is 249 Baht (approx. 8.4 USD)


The Famulous Eateries is also available on KOBO.


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Famulous Eateries II
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