Farm to Table

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Farm to Table is a very small and cute Cafe in the vicinity of the Flower Market, Saphan Phut and the Museum of Siam and located in the corner of a colonial-style shop house. The idea behind Farm to Table … Continued

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

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The Rattanakosin Exhibition Halls houses a permanent exhibition about the history of Bangkok, it’s culture, architecture, about the life in the city. The concept of the exhibition reminds of the Museum of Siam and indeed there is a shuttle bus … Continued

Mont Nom Sod

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Mont Nom Sod is in institutions in Bangkok, serving sweet desserts since 1964. The present location on Dinso road, next to the city hall is in existence since 1995 and is noticeable because it seems always full with with happy … Continued

Amorosa Bar

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 Just opposite from the famous Wat Arun and in a prime location on the Rattanakosin Island, lies the Arun Residence, an exclusive boutique hotel with just 7 rooms. The house is an old building in the Sino-Portugese style and the … Continued

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